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25th-Jun-2017 11:01 pm - Rules and Membership Requests
Hello fellow Arashi fan.

Not a member of the [livejournal.com profile] ao_no_michi community yet?

Why not?
(We've only been closed for years...)
Anyway. here's how:

Take a quick look look at out rules:

RULES!!! )

Got all that?

Sign in with a livejournal account. Then click join, and wait to be added.

*Important note: [livejournal.com profile] ao_no_michi is NOT an active subbing group at present, and while that might change in the future, we will not be releasing any new subs at this time.
25th-Jun-2017 10:25 pm - Open for your viewing pleasure
Ao no Michi is opening it’s doors again!

Membership is moderated, but you only need to click to join.

To access our previous releases more easily, there is a helpful list here: ANM Completed Project List
Old entries have been updated with new links where we could. (A massive thanks to Juu for giving me the ability to do so!) Although some files are still missing.

We also have a current back-up of this community hosted at DW, in order to help protect our work here, but subtitle indexes lead to the entries here on LJ.

New members!

Community Info )

Old members!

How to help )

The Arashi Project

A worthy effort )

Current active mods: [livejournal.com profile] aonomichimod, [livejournal.com profile] kazukazu89, [livejournal.com profile] amh1988, [livejournal.com profile] sushi4ever, [livejournal.com profile] winkychan,
17th-Jun-2017 09:39 pm - What a day for a revival!
....Well, only kind of. [livejournal.com profile] harunomasu has kindly given me control of the community here at Ao-no-Michi, and it is my intention to clean up the place a bit.

I have been out of fandom and LJ for quite some time, so please be patient with me while I get used to everything again. [livejournal.com profile] winkychan from over at [livejournal.com profile] arashiproject has, and will continue to be, a massive to help, having done a great deal of the work of compling a list of ANM subs with fresh links, which I will be working from to get this place working again.

Please note, however, that I am NOT a subber. ANM, as it is now, will not be creating new subs, but will be working to fix broken links and finding lost files, so the hard work of those who created them for this community in the past can be preserved and enjoyed all over again. Membership shall be moderated, as before, although I will probably make a new membership post shortly. In the meantime, if any current members are willing and able to help with this effort, please let me know!
21st-Sep-2014 10:34 pm - Greetings
Anyone still remember me?

This community has been 'dead' for quite long already after I decided to remove myself from the team because I've changed fandoms. But this community has always been my baby and seeing it so quiet after I grew it up for 4 years, I've decided that I'll take charge again. Though this time I won't be subbing Arashi's shows, because I've quit the fandom several years ago. I'm thinking of re-activing the community again by subbing Kanjani8 shows, in which I'll need someone to help me change the layout, timing the subs, encoding it, and also editing my work. If it's okay with the members of this community, then I'll proceed with it as soon as I can.

I'll also open the community for public on October, because I felt bad when I read messages from new members who wanted to join but can't. By making it public, I hope that everyone can have access to the files they needed immediately, and that those who have the files can help re-uploading it.

Though this is still an on-going project in my mind, I hope everyone can support me and help me build this community from zero again.

Best Regards,

24th-Jun-2013 02:11 am - Recruitment Post
ANM is searching for helpers to help us celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary on August 17th. What we need:

1. Japanese-English Translator

2. Chinese-English Translator

3. Editor (know their English very well or first language is English)

If you have the skill and time to help us, even for short period of time, we would appreciate it if you can send us an email to the address below:

with "Recruitment" as subject

Post your question here if there's anything unclear, and I'll answer it. 
Since it's already 17 June in Japan, so Happy Birthday to our beloved snarky boy Ninomiya Kazunari! You turn 30 now, but please, stay 17 forever <3

And because it's his day, I decided to release a video that's related to him, which is Himitsu no Arashi-chan 162 where he teamed up with (the super awesome) Jun to learn dance with their guest and also eat Super Steak. Whut? Super Steak? What kind of steak is that? If you want to know the answer, watch the video~ :D

Himitsu no Arashi-chan #162 [2012.02.09]
Team: Ninomiya Kazunari & Matsumoto Jun
VIP Limousine Guest: Kimura Tae
Mannequin Must Item: Pink

Happy New Year Birthday to you too, bratty boy~

Remember, we use the numbering from kazunari@dreamwidth. So check there if you want to re-name this file using other's numbering

This project brought to you by ANM team
Please respect us by keeping the files to yourself


NOTE1: I want to say thanks to Mikee for creating the new layout and also our new logo. It's pretty, dear. Thank you <3 I also thank all of you who are all so kindly in helping me re-uploading old files. I really appreciate it :) Thanks also for all the continuous support. From now on too, please support ANM~!

NOTE2: ANM is still recruiting Translators/Timers to help us for our upcoming 4th anniversary on 17 August. If you have the skill and time to help us, please do send me an email to harunomasu@gmail.com for further information.

NOTE3: For membership, please be patient. I know I'm very slow in accepting new members, but that's because I just really don't have the time to do it. I'll try to make the time as soon as possible. To compensate my lateness, I'll open this post for public for a month.

Lastly, one word from me. E-N-J-O-Y~!

RoboJun also makes an appearance, just because I can't resist to caps him lol
4th-Jun-2013 09:18 pm - Membership Post
I got a lot of inquiries regarding membership ever since I started ANM's Project Revival. At that time my focus was to revive ANM, so I don't really have the time to approve membership, but now that everything had settled I finally able to find some time to do this :)

Despite recent issues about selling Arashi's subbed videos and stuff, I've decided to just open the membership so that those who wanted to join could join.

How to join:
It's easy. just send an email to anmfansubs@yahoo.com that you want to join ANM community as members. Please put your LJ username in there also and wait for an invitation from me. I'll only send 5 invitations per day, so if you think that I'm too slow in inviting you, please PM me personally and I'll explain about how I work regarding membership.

I'll only accept those who have LJ accounts.

You can also refer your friend by posting here if they're too shy to ask me personally but still wanted to join.

I'm very sorry if this sounds complicated but this is the only way I can accept new members into the community now. I hope everyone understand :)

Any inquiries or question, please post it here.
Firstly, thank you for all the kind comments when I posted about the revival of ANM. We're so happy that you guys still support us. Let's make this community become better than ever!

Secondly, I want to say all my thanks to the team members who are willing to help me build this community again from zero. You guys are the best :) And I also wanted to say my thanks to all of you who had helped us in re-uploading our releases. I might not be able to thank all of you one by one, and I might be late in commenting on your post, but I'm very grateful for all the help.

Thirdly, I'm very sorry that this release was so late because I have to re-encode it to MQ version first before I could release it, and my old laptop is having some issues so I have to delay the release. For this revival project we're releasing Scene Kokuritsu DVD that has been worked on for more than 2 years. Finally it's done. This might be ANM's biggest project ever.

Lastly, enjoy the release, and let's party with us!

Scene - Boku no Miteiru Fukei Kokuritsu DVD

Brought to you by ANM team


Enjoy it~!
27th-May-2013 06:54 pm - Asking for Help + Poll Post
As I am going to post the first release of ANM's Revival Project, I will need help in re-uploading some files because all the links are died. If you can, please do help in re-uploading those files. I will also need help in listing unsubbed videos of Arashi variety shows so that our release won't overlap with other's works (as well as the projects already listed in other subbing community). If you're willing to help us and have time/internet connection to do it, please do tell us by commenting in this post :)

Here I also want to make a poll about our future release. Please participate in the poll and help us be a better subbing group :)

[Poll #1915790]

I'll say thank you in advance for participating in the poll, and after I see the result of the poll I'll immediately post our first release :)
22nd-May-2013 05:54 pm - ANM: Project Revival
Hi, guys. It's been a long time since the last time I posted here. Do you guys still remember me? For those who didn't, I'm Juu, who will be maintaining this community for awhile until the current leader back :)

I've noticed though (and heard from people around me), that this community had been so quiet. It saddens me, because ANM was such a fun place to be, and was so lively. And so here I am stepping in to make this community back to the way it was. I have some projects ready and we'll try to release them as soon as possible.

But of course, to make this project revival successful, we would love some help from the members as well. If you know how to make a subbing logo, or make a layout, or willing to help us go through the posts with dead links and report them to us so that we can re-upload it again (or asking for help to re-upload them from the members), we would be grateful. We're also in need of timer and translator who are free and willing to help us in a long-term.

Having said all that, we can assure you that we're alive again and wait for our first comeback project soon! :D
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